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About Us

In 2019, Lorin got her license as an esthetician and decided to open up a spa of her own. She put all her money into it — from savings to credit cards — and invested in products, equipment, and even signed her lease because she believed in her dreams that one day she would own a successful spa. She always knew that this was what she was born to do. She wanted to represent black skin in an extreme way — to share the importance of skincare on black skin, break all stereotypes in black skin, and be that top black-owned business in Lansing.

Unfortunately, soon after, her son needed heart surgery, and she had to have back surgery. Because the medical bills piled up high and she had no source of income, she filed for bankruptcy so she would not burden herself during this difficult time like everyone else during the pandemic.

After being discharged from bankruptcy, starting fresh with a positive mindset about what’s next for her, her mindset remains to devote her time to the beauty industry. She built her team and gave focus to the most important element in business — the community. People couldn’t wait to see that a black esthetician was opening a spa. They were so loud that within the first month the spa has booked beyond capacity! They were extremely excited to see full body waxing, lashes, makeup, and facials done in one room!


We value our community as much as we value our clients. We donate gift cards to most events, and we try to be present at most of them. Because without the support of our community, we wouldn’t be where we are today — and it’s only right that we give back. Doing this returns to us 10-fold, as well as new clients. Being at almost every event keeps our name in the forefront of everyone’s mind, making it seem like they are missing out on something by not seeing us everywhere.


Aside from involvement, customer service is our top priority. In 2021, Skin Studio 211 was voted #1 day spa in Lansing and received over 310 5-star reviews on Google in less than two years. We wanted to break all stereotypes and be that top black-owned business in Lansing.

Our Awards:

Transformation GEMS x Case Credit Union Grant Winner

LEAP One&All Graduate

Delta Township October Business of the Month

Top of the Town 2021 Day Spa 1st Place Winner

Top of the Town 2021 Esthetician Runner Up

Michigan Women Forward WomanUp & Pitch 1st Place Winner

Transformations GEM Pitch Winner

Leap Elevate Graduate

Top of the Town 2022 Day Spa 1st Place Winner

Community Votes 2022 Hair Removal 1st Place Winner

Community Votes 2022 Day Spa 1st Place Winner

2022 Athena Powerlink Winner

Our Organizations:

Lansing Chamber of Commerce

Greater Lansing Coventions & Visitors Bureau

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